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About Jordan

Jordan Villarreal is a 7th generation Texan, a proud University of North Texas graduate, and a Denton County resident since 2016. Jordan has always been a passionate community advocate, and is currently a staffer in the Texas House of Representatives

Jordan grew up in the DFW Metroplex, and is now happy to call the City of Denton home. He lives in the Villages of Carmel neighborhood of south Denton. He loves spending time with his nephews, his mom—who he visits every Sunday for church and lunch—and his rescue dog, Huey.


Service & Experience

  • Denton Planning & Zoning Commission (2021-Present)

  • Denton Development Code Review Committee (2021-Present)

  • Denton Capital Improvements Advisory Committee (2021-Present)

  • Denton County Complete Count Census Committee (2020)

  • Denton Rotary Club (2022-Present)

  • Denton League of United Latin American Citizens (2020-Present)

  • Denton LULAC Parliamentarian (2023-Present) 

  • Denton County Precinct Chair (2018-Present)

  • Denton County Deputy Voter Registrar (2017-2023)

  • Denton VOTE Group Board Member (2017-2019)


Your Home, Your Voice


As a two-term commissioner, Jordan has fought hard to defend the unique qualities that make Denton County a great place to live, work, and play. Jordan pushed back against gentrification, outside influence, and overdevelopment. When our neighbors came out to make their voices heard, he made it his job to listen and act as their mouthpiece on the Commission, even when it leads to him being the only vote against a project. It has always been Jordan's belief that elected officials should serve the interests of their constituents, and not their own.


Unfortunately, we've seen a lack of considerate and transparent leadership at various levels of government in our own county. We're only just beginning to clean up the mess left by our former chief appraiser. Their ineptitude and lack of transparency directly led to inadequate training and lack of urgency in their staff, and our county has suffered greatly for it. Current leadership has made it their mission to fix the pitfalls that led to this scandal and sense of mistrust, but we desperately need a forceful, independent watchdog in the room to ensure this never happens again.

The time for transparency, community outreach, and rejuvenated trust is now. We need someone in there fighting for the best interests of Your home. We need someone in there acting as YOUR voice on the board. 

It's Your Home, it's Your Voice. Let's get to work.


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